My Springfield Story

Prior to moving to Springfield,  I drove a truck for seventeen years, and met people from all walks of life. I saw the captains of our industry, plotting their next moves to expand their markets. I saw Union sisters and brothers putting their shoulders to the wheel. I saw the most desperate elements of our society, just trying to survive.
I see the same elements driving to work here every day. I see the unhoused lining up outside our churches, hoping for a hot meal. I see our workers yawning and stretching in their parking lots as they get out of their cars, bracing themselves for another long day of hard and honest work. I see the managers and owners at our Chamber of Commerce, striving to hold their own in competitive markets.
These struggles are real. And many of us unite in our pride, under the banner of an idea: Team Springfield. 
I would like to travel with you on a journey. A journey toward a Springfield for everyone. A Springfield where everyone can experience opportunity, and feel the thrill of a chance to advance. A city where survival goes not only to the fittest,  but to the frailest. A city ruled not by the mighty, but the just. I look forward to joining you on that journey, toward a Springfield that welcomes us all


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